Friday, August 1, 2008

36 weeks

Life is good.  Zampano took the NY Bar on Tuesday and Wednesday and now we're back home from Buffalo, relaxing.  Since the USMLE, I've watched the entire season 4 of Project Runway and am now downloading season 2.  I might or might not watch it right away.  I've heard great things about Battlestar Galactica and would love to give that a shot.

I'm knitting another little baby sweater and would be done with it already had I not made 2 catastrophic mistakes that required me to unravel half my work.  

Zampano and I were looking through a baby memory book at Walmart tonight and there were lots of questions in there that I can't remember the answers to.  When did I first start to feel the baby kick?  Don't remember!  Thank goodness I have this blog or else I probably would forget the whole pregnancy!  I definitely want to fill out the baby book because when I was little I looked at the one my mommy made for me and was mad that there weren't more answers in there.  She started off strong and then trailed off, as I'm sure most moms do when things get busy.  I don't think she even bothered doing ones for my sisters.  I wonder where that baby book is now?  Lost in the sea of boxes, I'm sure.  Hopefully I can do a little better than that. :)

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