Thursday, March 27, 2008

18 weeks

Ugh.  I have a cold.  Spring break was last week and I guess all the traveling around must have finally gotten to me.  It was soooo great to spend almost 2 weeks with Zampano.  The end is near!  We will be together again by mid May.  I can't believe it's been 2 years already!

Tonight, I am dying for my favorite comfort food - Hong Kong style wonton noodle soup.  It's a very simple dish but it has to taste a certain way.  Dim Sum in Charlotte did it right.  Ka Mei in Pittsburgh does it even better.  I have yet to find a place here in Syracuse that serves it at all.  I'm sure someone probably must...  I could make it myself but I don't really feel like cooking.  I barely feel like getting out of bed at all.

According to Baby Center, baby Desmond is now the size of a bell pepper and weighs 7 ounces.  I am starting to feel some faint movements - at least I *think* I am...  It's so subtle and hard to tell.

Zampano's aunt has decided to throw me a baby shower, which is so incredibly nice of her!  It'll be just after I take the USMLE Step 1 exam, on July 5.  I have the best in laws ever, I swear!  

Just 2 more weeks until we find out if baby Desmond is a girl or boy.  SO EXCITED!!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

16 weeks

Just got back from my doctor's appointment and everything is fine.  Next appointment we'll find out the sex!  I am just way too excited about that.  We'll see if my suspicions are correct!  Zampano will be flying in so we can find out together.

Tomorrow is yet another big test, and then Zampano and I will be headed down to Pittsburgh for my Spring Break!  I've barely been out of the house in a week so it will be FANTASTIC to actually relax and see a movie or two.  Then on Wednesday I'll visit my folks for a few days.  I'm sure they're expecting to see a huge waddling pregnant lady and will be surprised when I walk in looking pretty much the same as I did at Christmas.  My mom wants to take me maternity shopping.  I'd much rather shop for the baby instead! :)

Zampano is making an Emeril recipe today - Portuguese Style Garlic Roasted Pork, and Portuguese Rice.  The smell of the garlic, to a pregnant lady, is QUITE overwhelming.  But in a good way. :)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Finished Baby Blanket

finished baby blanket
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Here's the first item knitted for baby Desmond David Hume Smith. One gender-neutral blanket from Knit and Tonic. The pattern is called Tender Blankie and it was a very quick project, just over a week from start to finish. Next up will be a sweater, I think.

Friday, March 7, 2008

15 weeks

Not much to say this week.  The bump is growing a tiny bit, but maybe that's just me eating more.  We'll see what Zampano says when he sees me, since it's been two weeks.  Feeling pretty good overall. Tired, but good.

I think the word is starting to get out at school that I'm pregnant, which is weird.  People are being oddly nice to me, saying hi in the halls and stuff.  Smiling.  I'm so used to being anonymous that the extra attention is kind of strange, but nice.

One more week of studying hard, and then it's Spring Break.  And boy, do I need it...  Sometimes the hormones and loneliness and stress just get to me.  It'll be nice to sit around and knit all day, go to the movies and maybe shop for baby furniture at IKEA.  I'm ready to start setting up the baby's room.  The apartment is such a godawful mess that drastic changes will need to be made.