Thursday, August 7, 2008

37 weeks

I've been thoroughly enjoying my "babymoon" before baby arrives.  Here's a rundown of my activities since the USMLE:

1.  Finished knitting 1 baby sweater, 1 baby hat
2.  Setting up crib & nursery (totally loving how it looks!!!)
3.  watched Season 2 and 4 of Project Runway, along with the current few episodes of season 5
4.  Read 2 books (itching for more good ones!  Will probably go to the bookstore tomorrow)

I'm feeling better about choosing to have a c-section now.  Zampano and I discussed it with the doctor today and she was totally cool about it.  I feel a little guilty but I really think it's the best option.  While I am curious about experiencing a natural childbirth, the idea of going through so much pain really terrifies me.  While I've heard it's a different pain from, say, breaking a bone or something, still, it's not something I'm all that eager to experience.  And someday, far, far in the future, maybe I will experience it with our second child, if we have one.  

And it's not so bad to get to meet our baby a week early!  :)  We're so eager to meet her.  I can't even imagine waiting another 5 weeks, which is the absolute max she could stay in there.  All this relaxation is nice and all but I'm starting to get a little... dare I say...  bored?

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