Sunday, July 27, 2008

35 weeks

Today was a momentous occasion for me.  I finally took Step I of the USMLE, after 10 weeks of hardcore studying.  Well, at least as hardcore as a massively pregnant lady can study.  I had finally put the test off as long as I could.  Any longer, and we risk Baby Girl coming DURING the test, and that's not particularly good for the performance. :)  She behaved quite well, only squirming around a little bit.  If I tapped on my stomach in a rhythmic way she would stop and listen. 

It was a difficult 8 hour test, but you know what?  It wasn't nearly as bad as I'd expected.  I'm so completely glad to get it over with.  Now I can knit!  And read!  And watch Project Runway!  Life is good again.  It's a tremendous sense of freedom to be able to close the door on this chapter of my life.  You should see the stacks of books I have strewn around the house.  I've never studied like this in my entire life.  

So....  I ordered a crib!!!  There were a few that I looked at on Craigslist and just didn't love enough to purchase.  I would have loved to have saved money on a big item like this but my super-generous mommy decided to give me a great gift, and so this is the one we chose:

And I also ordered these wall dots for decoration:
I'm so excited to finally start nesting.  The house is a neglected mess from the two of us frantically studying, so I'm tempted (even at this hour) to put on a good long podcast and start cleaning.

It's going to be a great last 5 weeks!!!

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