Thursday, February 28, 2008

14 weeks

Well, the weeks are flying by, since I've got mountains of work to do before the end of the semester.  Did take time off tonight to watch Lost, of course...  Another great episode, undoubtedly the best show on TV.  Love the direction that season 4 is going...  Love Daniel Faraday too, what a great new character!   

I really like this idea... Glampyre called her baby Hugo before she knew she was having a girl.  Zampano and I figured out a good boy name that we really like, last night.  Unfortunately if you combine it with our last name, it doesn't work out so well, it's the name of a famous person.  But we're still considering it anyway, that's how much we like it.  So anyway, since Glampyre's fake baby name is related to Lost, I suggest we call ours Desmond for the next 6 interminable weeks.  Just because tonight's episode was so utterly mind blowing. :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Why I think I'm having a boy

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Zampano and I have been together a long time, since 1996. At his family Christmas party in 1997, I heard about this weird coincidence for the first time. The family calls it the Rule of 13's. The little girl in the photo was just a few months old, making her 11 now.

All 5 of these ladies are descended from the same man, Zampano's grandfather. All of them were born exactly 13 years apart. They are the only females in the family, all the rest are boys.

So new Baby Smith has to be a boy, because it's not time for a girl yet! But who knows? I've never been one for following rules!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Baby Clothes

Baby Clothes
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Here are some adorable unisex baby clothes that Sylvia bought for us! Today we found out that in the Chinese Zodiac, our baby will be born in the Year of the Rat, which is also Sylvia's sign. Zampano and I are both Horses which means we will be very incompatible with the baby. Not good!

After a good meal at Benihana's, I'm feeling much better since yesterday's rant. There were 6 of us at the table including myself and Zampano, and one of the girls sitting with us was also about 3 months pregnant! The hibachi chef was also having his 4th baby in May, which is amazing. Everybody's breeding!

Friday, February 22, 2008

13 weeks. Lots of bitching and moaning.

This week was rough for me in a lot of ways.  School's not so good and sometimes I worry that I'm losing my mind.  I'm so forgetful these days!  Something happened at school that I can directly relate to "pregnancy brain" and I'm beating myself up like crazy for it.  Most of the time it's just little things, like putting on my deodorant twice or forgetting my access card to the hospital.  But this big thing could really be kind of an issue.  Ugh.   And being extra-emotional from all these hormones doesn't help either.

My hip hurts too, especially when I walk.  And my face is covered in acne.  I even have one on my neck.  Who the hell gets neck acne?  I'm starting to get some energy back and the nausea is definitely gone for the most part, so that's good.  But I feel really down right now.  Hopefully my weekend in the 'Burgh will cheer me up.  Good Chinese food always helps.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

12 weeks

Everything was good at the 12 week visit.  Definitely won't find out the sex until 20 weeks, but everything seemed fine so far!  The most amazing part was seeing the baby's hands today, and some small movements.  Very cute!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Juice juice juice

The cravings in pregnancy are the weirdest thing ever. I crave juice constantly now. While I may not be able to eat as much as before, I can pour a glass of orange juice down my throat like a man dying in the desert.

Russ and I were at the Eat and Park recently and I ordered the largest orange juice they had. I think I had finished it all before the waitress came back to take our orders.

When I can't have orange juice, Crystal Light Lemonade is taking its place. I can drink down 2 liters of that a day, easy. Whatever I drink, it has to be sour, or it doesn't satisfy. Plain old water has never been so unappetizing. And meat... meat of any kind just sounds revolting. I love tofu though so hopefully I can get my protein that way.

A tie in Syracuse

Wow, my vote did make a difference!  Check this story out.  Clinton and Obama exactly tied for votes in Syracuse. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Baby's first vote

Well, today I headed over to my polling place (walked a whole two blocks!) to cast my vote for Barack Obama.  Sadly, it looks like Hillary will take New York, but maybe my vote could help him get an extra delegate or something.

I'm watching the returns come in on  They let you watch streaming video from MSNBC, which is nice since I no longer have cable.  As a matter of fact, I'll be getting rid of Time Warner Cable entirely on Thursday...  Verizon FiOS is coming over to install their stuff.  Screaming fast internet, YAY!!!

I've been completely spoiled by downloading all my TV shows... no more commercials to fast forward through!  And the shows are usually available just hours after they air on TV.  I've got for old episodes of Arrested Development and other FOX shows.  I only really miss cable when Russ comes over and we just want to veg out on the couch and watch food TV or HGTV.  And sports....

Well, back to the books. sigh.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Mushroom Lamp

OMG How cute are these little mushroom lamps?!  I'm suddenly feeling a Super Mario Bros. theme for the baby room.  Kidding!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

10 weeks

At the excellent suggestion of my friend Melanie, the husband (Zampano) and I decided to blog about my pregnancy here.  One of my favorite bloggers, Dooce not only blogged about her pregnancy, but writes monthly letters to her daughter after she was born.  And now it's going to be a book, which I can't wait to buy.  I'm not nearly the writer that Dooce is, but hey, at least everyone can come here and visit to see what's going on. 

Today I am lonely and studying hard for a big test on the 11th.  Said goodbye to Zampano for two weeks - we won't see each other again until Valentine's day.  So it goes.  I always feel better when he's around, so I'm not looking forward to this time apart.

Today in baby news:
  • considering Bella bands (you mean I can't just wear sweat pants my whole pregnancy?)
  • thinking about buying cribs on Craigslist, or getting a new one from ikea
  • just hit 10 weeks on Thursday. in 2 weeks I have a doctor's visit where we'll do genetic testing... scary.
  • starting to feel less queasy and more hungry.
Listening to:
Radiohead - In Rainbows. baby needs some good depressing music.