Thursday, May 1, 2008

23 weeks

One more week of hell to go, folks, and then it's all over with.  Got one exam tomorrow, one Monday, and the worst of all on Thursday.  And then it's time to hit the road and move my husband to Syracuse!

It's still amazing to me that we got through these two years apart, and managed to create a baby in the process...  But I couldn't be happier about how it turned out.  After all is said and done, we get to be a family.  It was worth it.

Even my mom is coming around.  She sounded so chipper on the phone this week, talking to me about a TV show on ultrasounds.  She was talking about buying a crib and which stroller to buy, and which car seat was best...  I can't believe how excited she is now!  She was just so shocked at first, but now that she knows the baby is kicking, and that it's a girl, somehow it became real.

It's the same way for me, a little bit.  The 20 week visit changed everything for me.  Before that I was filled with worries, every day.  I couldn't quite imagine being a mother before that point, but now it's really easy.  Every kick reminds me that the baby is happy and well.  Before that, I had to rely on the ultrasounds.  There were moments when I would forget that I was pregnant.

The weeks ahead are still going to be hard.  As soon as Zampano gets settled in, we pretty much have to get down to studying for our respective exams in June and July.  But I think it'll be so much easier having him around.  I miss him too much otherwise. :)

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