Monday, May 26, 2008

26 weeks, 4 days

Just home from our last road trip for a while (hopefully). In the past two weeks I've been to Syracuse, Pittsburgh, back to Syracuse, Toronto, back to Syracuse, Pittsburgh again and back again to Syracuse. Our car finally hit 100,000 miles, and it's only a 2003. No wonder!

Zampano's law school graduation was Saturday, and we got to hang out with his parents. His mom was so excited to feel the baby kicking! Got to eat some great food at Lidia's too.

So I'm ready to settle in for awhile and enjoy my un-air conditioned apartment. We'll be spending lots of time in the library so it's not really so bad. And it never gets to be that hot here, not compared to Charlotte.

Baby girl is still kicking like crazy and especially enjoys her Glow Worm. When Zampano held it close to my belly tonight and played a song she gave lots of happy gentle kicks. Supposedly her ears are getting better and better these days and she can hear more of what's going on around her.

I'm knitting her a February Baby Sweater in some soft organic cotton that my sister got me for my birthday. It's almost done and I'll post pictures soon.

Baby girl has also acquired a few new outfits. A Pittsburgh Pirates pink onesie, a Canada onesie and a Pitt t-shirt. There are so many tiny cute outfits out there and we can't wait to dress her up!


Sonya said...

AWWW! Where'd you get the glow worm from? Also, I don't think that thing is right on your blog. It said last week that the baby's brain waves only started that week. Is that right? It seems like the baby has enough brain activity to respond to stimulation.

linuxgrl said...

Yeah, I wouldn't take the widget's word as the absolute truth. I just put it up there for fun. The glow worm is from Target, I believe. We love it, it's just too cute.