Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Birth Place

I am feeling SO much better about labor now that Zampano and I have visited The Birth Place - our birthing center which is attached to St. Joseph's hospital.  Everything was incredibly nice and the nurse took us through the whole process and answered all our questions.  You get your own private room with a private bath, and they dim the lights and help you to have a peaceful, relaxing birth.  It was EXACTLY what I was hoping for.  Couldn't have created a nicer environment.

I think even Baby Girl was excited.  She squirmed the entire time we were there.  

Are you ready baby?  Your mom and dad are SO looking forward to meeting you!  I can't believe I'm saying it but I'm really, really excited about going into labor!

Now all I have to do is find a good pediatrician!

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