Tuesday, July 15, 2008

almost 34 weeks

Had a good doctors visit today after a very long wait in the waiting room.  It was my first time at this particular branch of the practice and I will never go there again.  It took over an hour before I even got a room.  The office closer to me runs far more smoothly for some reason.  One woman got to the front desk and stormed out of there practically in tears, saying "I'm going to find a different doctor."  Apparently they get backed up a lot at this office.

I didn't mind too much though, there were a bunch of cute babies and little kids, and I had my new book to read, Rockabye.  It was worth the wait to find out that Baby Girl is definitely head down.  The midwife actually showed me how to feel for the positions of her butt and head, which was awesome.  The doctor I'd seen twice before wasn't able to tell, which worried me a lot.  I knew this lady would be an expert though.  Love, love love her!

After that, Zampano and I headed over to the birthing center and went over our birth plan with the nurse.  Everything went well and we're all set to give birth there in a few weeks!  

In other news, I AM GINORMOUS!!!!  I need to post a picture.  It's starting to get really uncomfortable to sit or stand or do anything, really.  My belly feels like it's grown a lot in the past couple days.  Which means I will be taking the USMLE just in time.  Just 11 days to go....  

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Sonya said...

Yay! So glad to hear the baby is in the right position. A couple of Peter's friends are expecting, and one comes over regularly on Monday nights. He said his baby does the same thing when his wife lies down. He mentioned his baby is wiggly too.