Friday, September 26, 2008

She Rolled Over!!!

Lauren enjoys lots of tummy time on her play mat.  Usually if she gets fussy after a meal, we put her down on her tummy and she lifts her big head up and down a little bit.  It always seemed to quiet her down.

But everything changed today, because she realized that she can roll over.  She got really close a couple of times today, just as the camera ran out of batteries.  It's a hell of a struggle - she thrashes around, kicking her legs, spinning around in circles on the mat.  She can't quite coordinate which arm and which leg to use to push herself over.  But tonight she actually did it... TWICE.

And then tummy time was never the same.  No longer a quiet, easy exercise session, she actually remembered rolling over (which amazes me!) and immediately tried again and again to do it.  After a very intense workout, she took a huge bottle and fell asleep deeper and much faster than usual.  The kid is one day short of 5 weeks old.  I think it's normal for babies to roll from front to back at 2-3 months.  

This absolutely requires a video.  One will be posted tomorrow if we can capture the moment!

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Sonya said...

Oh please! Babies are smart! Their brains are developing so fast - that's why I was curious about teaching her sign language. She would be able to sign long before she could talk (simple things of course). She probably can remember pretty easily. I knew this one was a smart little cookie!