Thursday, June 26, 2008

31 weeks

Just got home from Target where we bought our first little package of newborn diapers and a pack of wipes.  Gotta be ready in case baby comes around early!  We will also be looking at car seats over the next few weeks.  Can't bring baby home without that!

Zampano has done a magnificent job of cleaning out the baby's room.  It's not really set up to be a nursery yet (we still have no crib) but now that we have the co-sleeper that's not really such a high priority.  The changing table is set up and we just need a changing pad to put the baby on.

We've been going on some nice long walks in the park for exercise lately (usually 3 miles) and I've been having a lot of pelvic pain.  Baby is heavy!!!  So I have one of those lovely sexy maternity support belts to wear, and it helps a lot.  I'm still sore a lot but it prevents me from screaming out in pain every time I sit or stand. 

I've heard from other moms on Ravelry that first time moms usually deliver a week and a day or so after their "due date" so I'm preparing myself for those tough last few weeks.  Life will be so great after the USMLE is over with, I don't think I'll know what to do with myself!  Hopefully I will be relaxing and knitting lots of little baby hats and sweaters!

Oh, by the way...  About David Duchovny...  His appearance on 3 episodes of Twin Peaks are quite possibly the highlight of the whole series.  I was really, really surprised when he first made his appearance.  Can't say more than that.  It was awesome.


Sonya said...

Poor thing! I wish we could be there to help you out.

PS - I already know that David Duchovny was cross-dressing in that show.

linuxgrl said...

Oh, I'm not so bad off. I like to complain a lot. It's what I do :) I've been wearing more supportive shoes in the last few days and that's helped a lot. Those wimpy little flats I was wearing weren't helping matters at all.

We're excited for you to take lots of baby pictures so we can decorate the apartment!

Sonya said...

Every time I load this webpage, I see really quickly this little arm or the whole baby animation thing move. It always looks like the baby is punching, which of course is fitting.