Monday, November 17, 2008

Almost 3 months!

Just a few more days until Lauren turns 3 months! She'll start daycare in mid-late December and so we're trying to prepare for that. Unfortunately, she's decided that she doesn't want to drink from bottles anymore, just from the breast. She cries and fights anytime we offer it. I don't know what we're going to do - for a while she'd take one a day and then now, none at all.

In good news, the dermatologist actually helped my skin a lot! She put me on Finacea, which is azelaic acid. It's just about the only thing you can take while nursing, and I can't believe it actually worked. I'm not acne free by any stretch of the imagination, but it's such a dramatic improvement that I'm amazed. I've got so many red marks that still need to fade, but hopefully makeup will help a lot with that.

I do have a fun Lauren story to share today... We bought an ocean wonders aquarium on ebay, and she really likes it. We've only had it a few days, but the other night we put her down and left the room. Then, over the baby monitor, we hear a thumping noise, and then music starts playing. In disbelief, we walk into the room, and she's actually turned the thing on by herself! She turned herself around 90 degrees and kicked it until it turned on. I thought it was a fluke until it happened again today! It won't be long till this kiddo is mobile so it looks like it's time to start babyproofing. Yikes!

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