Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy 2 Month Birthday!

Awesome crochet hat
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Well, we're home from our visit to Virginia, which was lots of fun! Everyone misses her already and hopefully we'll be back very soon, by Christmas at the latest.

Right now Lauren's been sleeping in her swing for a few hours, which is way longer than she usually tolerates it. She's been sleeping through the night with me, which has done wonders for my mood, although my skin still looks like crap. Hopefully a trip to the dermatologist will help.

Usually Lauren wakes up a few times during the night to nurse, and then in the morning around 7 or 8 she starts kicking to let me know she's had enough and wants to go play.

This month she's really started smiling a lot and her eyes are much more focused. Zampano noticed yesterday that she was really watching him eat his dinner. She still loves playing in her play gym and practices standing up all the time. She has such an array of cute hats but really dislikes wearing them. Makes for a fantastic picture though!

Quite suddenly at around 6 weeks, she started pooping way less. It used to be with every feeding, and then all of a sudden it was once or twice a day. Big, huge yellow poops that smell oddly like buttered popcorn. Yesterday brought a giant blowout diaper that leaked in her cute new pants. I spent a long time trying to get the stains out but finally they faded to an acceptable level.

She has her 2 month checkup in a few days. Can't wait to find out her height and weight! She's grown so much I can't believe it. Our bathroom scale says she's 13.2 pounds!

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