Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy 6 week birthday!

Lauren Growing

Oh Miss Lauren, you're growing so fast!  This week brought lots of new cooing sounds, more rolling over, and a transition to almost 100% breastfeeding FINALLY!!! (except when I'm asleep, when we give her pumped milk in a bottle).

A couple of her onesies are starting to get really tight, and my favorite white footie PJ's (pictured) are starting to get a little short in the legs.  She also graduated to the single-head support pillow in her car seat!  I can't wait till her 2 month appointment so we can get her weighed and measured.

I had my 6 week OB checkup today and the ladies in the office were beside themselves at how cute she was.  One of the nurses walked her around the office and everyone said she looked like a little doll.  Even my normally somewhat grumpy OB was very charmed by her.

There have definitely been some moments when I've been completely exhausted and overwhelmed during these 6 weeks.  There have been many days that I haven't left the house at all, or showered till late in the afternoon because I couldn't get a second to myself.  But just sitting here writing, after she's been asleep almost 3 hours, I REALLY MISS HER.  I can't wait until she wakes up the next time, because my arms just ache to hold her.

I'm not quite sure how things will work out when I go back to school.  I found another 3rd year medical student on Ravelry who continued to breastfeed after she returned to school, and that gives me hope.  I don't know exactly how long I really WANT to breastfeed.  It's a lot of time and effort, and my acne probably won't get better until I go back on the pill...  But it's nice to know that it's possible.

I also started on weight watchers today.  Time to drop some poundage and eat healthier!  I can't imagine my breast milk is very healthy for Lauren when I'm eating nothing but chocolate and cereal all day :)

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