Friday, March 7, 2008

15 weeks

Not much to say this week.  The bump is growing a tiny bit, but maybe that's just me eating more.  We'll see what Zampano says when he sees me, since it's been two weeks.  Feeling pretty good overall. Tired, but good.

I think the word is starting to get out at school that I'm pregnant, which is weird.  People are being oddly nice to me, saying hi in the halls and stuff.  Smiling.  I'm so used to being anonymous that the extra attention is kind of strange, but nice.

One more week of studying hard, and then it's Spring Break.  And boy, do I need it...  Sometimes the hormones and loneliness and stress just get to me.  It'll be nice to sit around and knit all day, go to the movies and maybe shop for baby furniture at IKEA.  I'm ready to start setting up the baby's room.  The apartment is such a godawful mess that drastic changes will need to be made.

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