Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First food!

Today Lauren took her first bites of food! We got the whole thing on video which will be posted on flickr soon. We gave her a few bites of watered down rice cereal. She seemed intrigued and didn't cry at all. It took her a long time to swallow what was in her mouth, she just gummed it awhile before it finally went down. Immediately afterwards she cried to be breastfed and then went down for a nap. I'm hoping for a good long nap... if it works, we might start feeding her a bit every night before bed, to help her sleep better.

She sleeps well at night, but only because we co-sleep. It's hard to know exactly how long she's sleeping because usually I just latch her on and go right back to sleep. Sometimes I don't even wake up enough to remember in the morning! For instance, last night she slept 12 hours. I went to bed at nine because I was sick, and she joined me. I woke up at 6:30 and she actually kept sleeping till 9, which is very unusual for her. Usually she wakes up shortly after I leave for school, sometimes before.

As far as my schooling goes, the long hours of inpatient Peds are over. Outpatient peds is much better in that respect. It's pretty much an 8-5 schedule, with a nice lunch break. I get to see my baby girl a lot more often, which makes me very very happy!

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narelle said...

I gave my narelle brown rice cereal for her first meal too, she loves it! I think they will sleep better when they aren't hungry but she still woke up two to three times in the night for feeding...